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Chrystal lives on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland Australia. Since a very young age she has had a love and fascination for nature, animals and the universe. Despite being still fresh behind the lens, her work has gained so much interest in the recent years, that it’s actually taken her by surprise and been a little overwhelming. Chrystal says, “It’s been a wonderful experience and a delight to share my work and experiences with others.”

Since the first day she used a DSLR, she’s become addicted. She is completely self-taught, which makes her achievements even that much more impressive. Once hooked on photography, Chrystal immersed herself in reading and watching videos online and a lot of trial and error. She finds the possibilities endless of what you can do with a digital camera and I still finds it amazing how you can shoot in pure darkness. Chrystal says, “I love the adrenalin of grabbing my camera gear and going out to capture the natural World around me and to chase the changing light and elements. Then the joy of bringing home something that I had planned to create, or even sometimes shooting something unexpected, is always rewarding and exciting.”

When Chrystal isn’t shooting landscapes or editing in her digital darkroom, she can be found chilling at the beach, walking, or just simply relaxing at home with a nice beverage or two.

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