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Mike Dexter is an award winning widely published wildlife photographer. Born in South Africa, he has led a life intimately entwined with the natural world and the wild places of his homeland. His interest in photography started early, alongside his first independent excursions into the wilderness. He found that words could never quite capture the beauty and atmosphere of his experiences and was frustrated by not being able to adequately portray nature’s wonders when he returned home. The gift of a camera changed all this and would shape the path of his future. Finally he could take away with him some of what he had seen and give others a window into his adventures.

Over time his photographic objectives have evolved to a point where he now he aims to portray the world in a creative and artistic way that carries with it the emotions and power of Africa rather than simply documenting his surroundings. Those familiar with his work attest to the originality and uncompromising honesty of his images, an increasingly rare trait in photography today.

When he graduated from university with a degree in photojournalism he took up his first permanent position on a game reserve and his first steps in a guiding career. Here he not only honed is photographic skills but also grew into an expert teacher providing guidance and tuition in a characteristically open and laid back manner.

Many years later his passion for the Africa of his childhood is undiminished and he leads specialist photographic safaris to some of his favorite and most cherished destinations and generously shares his knowledge of the natural world and how best to capture its essence in photographs.

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Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards - Highly Honored Winner - 2013


Africa Geographic:  Cover - June 2013

                               Portfolio - June 2013

Practical Photography:  April 2013

Go Magazine:  July 2009

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